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Cameron Clokie Tells Us What’s New in Dentistry Ft. Dentacoin


Cameron Clokie is a well-renowned name as Canadian oral surgeon. He has spent years in service and is also well-versed in research work and entrepreneurship. The man has been known for his research as a scientist in regenerative medicine. He has also gone through several satisfied patients who have always left with good remarks and [...]

Cameron Clokie Tells Us What’s New in Dentistry Ft. Dentacoin2021-06-22T01:24:49+00:00

Prince Edward Island


Experiencing Canada the way it was meant to be experienced involves a lot of time outdoors. Picturesque landscapes, quaint oceanside towns, fishing expeditions, and acres of forest is the ultimate Canadian vacation experience. This adventure centers around a trip we took to Prince Edward Island. My brother lives not too far away in Moncton, [...]

Prince Edward Island2021-05-25T18:47:39+00:00

The Legacy of Red Rock Lighthouse


A long and interesting history surrounds Red Rock Lighthouse as it sits perched atop Mink Island, a small island near the entrance to Parry Sound. First put into service in 1881, the lighthouse continued to brighten the way for boats and sailors until 1977. The History of the Lighthouse The town of Parry Sound [...]

The Legacy of Red Rock Lighthouse2021-05-25T18:44:06+00:00

Georgian Bay: An Outdoor Delight


Home to over 30,000 islands, multiple National Parks, and Provincial Preserves, Ontario acts as host to the beautiful and lush Georgian Bay. This prominent offshoot of Lake Huron and its surrounding land is a widely visited outdoor tourist’s dream with camping, kayaking, fishing, and other quite adventurous activities. Its archipelago setting and fairly flat [...]

Georgian Bay: An Outdoor Delight2021-05-25T18:41:15+00:00

Striped Bass: A Family Pastime


Between Maine and Nova Scotia lies the Canadian Province of New Brunswick, a province that is widely celebrated for its wildlife, its riveting geographical wonders, and of course, its fishing. Fishing for Striped Bass along the Atlantic coast is less of a sport for me as it is a family tradition that I just [...]

Striped Bass: A Family Pastime2021-05-25T18:35:01+00:00

The Black Bear Burglar


Canadian Wildlife is truly unique among any other region in North America. While that statement may be a little biased given my absolute love for all things Canada, it doesn’t take away from my amazing experiences I’ve had here. Sometimes these experiences, such as the one I am about to describe, get just a [...]

The Black Bear Burglar2021-05-25T18:32:00+00:00

Australian Emus and the Great Emu War


Duty-bound by an overwhelming sense of adventure to explore, we found ourselves on a whirlwind of a tour through Australia several years ago. We hit all the essential spots while we were there; toured around Sydney, a couple days in Melbourne, and a visit to Brisbane with the nearby Gold Coast. The trip itself [...]

Australian Emus and the Great Emu War2021-05-25T18:28:35+00:00

A Classic Canadian-Style Mystery


There is so much to attribute directly to Canada. Perhaps when people consider countries that are not their own, there is a landmark or objective stereotype that we associate to other countries. France? The Eiffel Tower. Egypt? The Great Pyramids. England? The Queen, or perhaps a nice mid-afternoon cup of tea. Everywhere has them, [...]

A Classic Canadian-Style Mystery2021-05-25T18:25:22+00:00

My Adventure in Woodworking


Throughout the course of my life I have certainly been met with my fair share of challenges, exciting adventures, endearing family encounters, and thrilling travels that allow me to explore the world. My most recent venture, however, involves excitement right at home. With a little material by way of my ever-giving lush backyard, a [...]

My Adventure in Woodworking2021-05-25T17:28:09+00:00
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