Cameron Clokie is a well-renowned name as Canadian oral surgeon. He has spent years in service and is also well-versed in research work and entrepreneurship. The man has been known for his research as a scientist in regenerative medicine. He has also gone through several satisfied patients who have always left with good remarks and good reviews about him. It shows that Dr. Clokie is a credible name in the field. His work consisting of research papers and studies, reflects the same. Thus, if he were to say something, it would be considered something worth bringing under consideration. And there is one thing he has recently spoken about – Dentacoin!

What is Dentacoin?

Dentacoin is a type of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. However, unlike Bitcoin, it is an alternative coin modeled after Bitcoin with slight differences, much like the alternative coin Ethereum. Other examples of alternative currencies include Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Neo. Dentacoin stands to the claim as being the first Blockchain-based solution solely dedicated to the Global Dental Industry, although it is not the first of its kind in the field of medicine.

It mainly aims at providing the dental industry with a secure and safe Blockchain infrastructure, expanding to the medical industry as-a-whole. The goal is to provide patient-centered care and help in the prevention of conditions using intelligent techniques. At the hour of writing, the cost of 1 Dentacoin was $0.00003249.

Dr. Clokie and Dentacoin

Dr. Cameron Clokie sees Dentacoin with high hopes. He sees it to have way more applications than a typical mind could interpret. Furthermore, he sees its applications to improve the relationship between surgeons and their patients. Dr. Clokie also expresses how Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Dentacoin could serve as a means of making payments for the services of health workers. Another vital feature of Dentacoin is that it hosts Trusted Reviews.

It is an incentive-based platform that rewards the honest feedback of users about dentists in their locality or area with a Dentacoin. These Dentacoin can be used to make payments or for purchases at various crypto marketplaces. Another feature hosted on Dentacoin is DentaVox, a platform that allows for market research and provides public search results on various health-based research topics and studies. The data in Dentacoin is also processed over a decentralized database. That removes any concerns individuals may have for the security of their data.

Quoting Dr. Clokie himself:

“In the competitive world of dentistry, feedback is one of the most valuable things out there. Dentacoin is capitalizing on this by utilizing Blockchain technology to allow customers to upload their feedback onto the Blockchain in exchange for a Dentacoin, which represents a type of currency that would allow for a patient to pay for dental services with it.”

Concluding the Crypto Talk

In conclusion, it can be said that Dentacoin can prove to be a technological breakthrough when it achieves large-scale application in the world of dentistry. Dr. Clokie and many others stress its importance in the field and look forward to its growing value and impact.