Home to over 30,000 islands, multiple National Parks, and Provincial Preserves, Ontario acts as host to the beautiful and lush Georgian Bay. This prominent offshoot of Lake Huron and its surrounding land is a widely visited outdoor tourist’s dream with camping, kayaking, fishing, and other quite adventurous activities. Its archipelago setting and fairly flat terrain gives Georgian Bay an almost infinite atmosphere of wide-open space, sparking the thrill of discovery for many of its visitors.

An Aquatic Destination

Although the area originally was home to several First Nations tribes, British territory commanders dubbed the area Georgian Bay in 1822 after King George the IV. Georgian Bay itself is about 80% the size of Lake Ontario, and without it, its attached Great Lake, Lake Huron, it would be about 20% smaller. Featured on National Geographic’s “Places of a Lifetime”, it is described as a ‘freshwater playground’ considering its proximity to water and waterways from just about any location in the area.

Besides hiking and camping, Georgian Bay has appeal for those who are more interested in just relaxing, areas such as South Bruce Peninsula boast a 7-mile-long beach which is close in length but not quite as long as Wasaga Beach’s 9 miles of freshwater shoreline, designating it as the longest freshwater beach in the world. Also, to consider are the 32 lighthouses that dot its shoreline. Area visitors can also expect a three-week festival celebrating local arts and culture in Parry Sound. Although the summer months may be a crowd favorite, a Georgian Bay September is still warm enough to enjoy camping and boating. Like a lot of the eastern and midwestern regions of Canada and the United states, Georgian bay is widely considered to have beautiful fall foliage plunging the shorefront cities into beautiful warm shades of yellows and oranges. The expansive island chain also offers popular winter activities such as snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Navigating the Shorelines

Georgian Bay boasts a large tourism population in the summer months, renting out seaside cottages and enjoying the local culture that this small pocket of Southern Canada has to offer. Like many tourist destinations, cabins and campgrounds are available options for those looking to take in some outdoor action. For families, or those looking for upscale surroundings, Bed & Breakfasts and resorts are a great place to stay and take in the colorful sunsets over the water.

Bayside, there are a great number of restaurants, craft breweries, dessert stands, and delis to choose from on your trip around the water. Seafood being among the more common staples, as Georgian bay can be a fairly hot fishing spot for both locals and tourists

On Georgian Bay, local boat and other smaller vessel rental businesses are in high demand. The areas surrounding the bay are traversable by vehicle as well, but as many of its hidden islands are only accessible by water, it may be wise to consider a yacht rental or for the motorless traveler, a sailboat or a kayak to gain a real understanding of how vast and beautiful the area can be.

With its still widely celebrated history and beautiful wildlife and forested waterfront scenery, Georgian Bay makes an excellent destination.


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