Experiencing Canada the way it was meant to be experienced involves a lot of time outdoors. Picturesque landscapes, quaint oceanside towns, fishing expeditions, and acres of forest is the ultimate Canadian vacation experience. This adventure centers around a trip we took to Prince Edward Island. My brother lives not too far away in Moncton, so PEI is only a quick drive across the massive Confederation Bridge near Cape Tormentine. Like many adventures with my family, this one was no different and yet equally special.

On Prince Edward Island we stayed in a gorgeous AirBnB on the coast near some potato fields. Maybe the average person wouldn’t consider potatoes to be all that fascinating, but by chance I learned quite a few things about potatoes on that trip. It turns out that Prince Edward Island produces nearly a quarter of Canada’s potatoes, and along with aerospace, biotech, tourism, and fisheries, potatoes are one of their major industries. We were lucky enough to have our AirBnb in a unique spot where we had potato fields just behind us, and it was here I also learned that the flowers that potatoes produce are absolutely delightful and add a great deal of beauty to the already perfect Canadian Coast.

Like many of our exploits on the Canadian coastlines, we were primarily visiting Prince Edward Island for yet another fishing expedition. Both the fisheries that are located on the island as well as the deep-sea fishing culture that brings in tourism around the island combine to make the tuna industry a huge piece of the economy on PEI. The north coast of the island is dotted with tourist expeditions devoted to deep sea fishing. I was lucky enough to experience a couple of these. Fishing off the Gulf of St. Lawrence is an astounding experience. Although it is most certainly deep-sea fishing, we were still able to see huge swaths of the Canadian Landscape around us. The enormous and ancient landscape of Newfoundland stretched out before us as we ventured out, and the distant line of the enormous province of New Brunswick called us home from open water at the end of the day.

Prince Edward Island has a ton to offer us in the way of spectacular sights that are exclusive to this small stretch of land off of Canada’s eastern coast. The island was lovingly named after Great Britain’s King George III’s fourth son at its founding in the late 1700’s. The cities on Prince Edward Island often feature old mansions and historical sites that are extremely important to the heritage of the entire island. One such location is the famous St. Dunstan’s Basilica, a massive cathedral in Charlottetown built in 1896. The architecture of this building is largely grand both inside and out. It was an absolutely breathtaking experience that is hardly captured in a single image or easily described by words. Another place that we visited was the Government House, the site of where the legislative body of PEI has met since 1847. We also ventured into a couple coastal national parks as well as the gorgeous downtown Charlottetown.

Much of the coastal towns of eastern Canada are a national treasure. I have spent so much time going up and down the coast from the southern shores of Nova Scotia to the mouth of the St Lawrence River in Quebec and beyond. As we drive towards ocean, I know I’m not just driving towards the next fish I get to take home or the next nature expedition, but rather towards the sense of freedom I feel when I first gaze upon the open waters.


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